Die Orestie

Ersan Mondtag, Aischylos

© Armin Smailovic
© Armin Smailovic
© Armin Smailovic
The tragic trilogy Oresteia by the Greek dramatist Aeschylus constitutes not only the beginning of European theatre history, but also the dawn of the Western concept of democracy. Pallas Athena’s divine verdict breaks the devastating cycle of guilt and revenge and brings an end to the continuing atrocities after the end of the Trojan War.
In his first production shown in Austria, Ersan Mondtag, who was named Young Director of the Year by Theater heute in 2016, explores provocative perspectives on current developments, the fragility of democracy and the role that citizens play: “The central questions in the Oresteia are about the law and justice. In my opinion, this is also a major problem in the world today [...] The tragedy’s events show how important it is for spectators to take a stance.” Mondtag’s collaboration with composer Max Andrzejewski and a choir gives this archaic work a music theatre quality.


Vienna Debut

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