Festival for Club Culture by Wiener Festwochen

© Foto: Apollonia T. Bitzan, Konzept: Noushin Redjaian

On three nights, the Wiener Festwochen will be featuring experimental electronic music in the context of global club cultures and opening up a space for projects situated at the interface between perfor mance, pop, and visual arts. The club as a place where society’s constraints and mechanisms are suspended – and where a new sort of society can be conceived and tested – is the overarching idea of HYPERREALITY’s programming. Expanding and breaking out of established structures is important to HYPERRALITY in terms of both content and form. And with the Zusammenbau and the Materialmagazin of F23, a former coffin factory, 2018 will see specially adapted spaces open their doors to this festival for club culture.

Tickets for the Zusammenbau and the Materialmagazin can be purchased separately.



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