Hotel Modern

© Sonja Zugic
© Hermann Helle
A miniature model of the Auschwitz concentration camp complex fills the entire stage. Barracks, railroad tracks, thousands of finger-sized figurines and that gate auguring horror with its inscription »Arbeit macht frei«. In 2005 Hotel Modern, the Rotterdam-based theatre and performance collective known for its live animation films, developed this piece, which can now be seen in Vienna for the first time. They attempt to make the unimaginable imaginable: one of the biggest mass murders in history, committed in a city built especially for this purpose. The three performers – Pauline Kalker, Arlène Hoornweg and Herman Helle – enter the set like larger-than-life war reporters. They move the figurines and film the everyday events of horror with micro-cameras. The live footage is projected onto a large screen without words. At the posthumous memorial service for Pauline Kalker’s grandfather, who was murdered in Auschwitz, we become witnesses to the processes and mechanisms of this factory of systematic torture and murder.


Vienna Debut

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