Dries Verhoeven

© Willem Popelier
»Terrorists and politicians of all stripesare increasingly creating a theatre of fear in which we are not confronted with a concrete danger, but rather with a potential danger. This has consequences – for us personally and for the way we shape our society.« In the heart of Europe’s cities, Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven, known for his provocative projects in public spaces, presents such a socio-political theatre of fear: Phobiarama, a ghost train that takes us on a ride past society’s new fears and the things that haunt us. 
And yet the really frightening thing about Phobiarama is that these mechanisms of fear, anxiety, alarmism and surveillance are as firmly entrenched and omnipresent in our everyday life and emotional world as they are in this staged world. While the sensation of cold shivers is certainly fascinating, do they also help us overcome our fears? How can we tell real dangers from sensationalist fear mongering?


Vienna Version

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